In recent years, many small local shops have closed because customers travel to large shopping malls or centres to do their shopping. Does this have a positive or a negative development?

It is an undeniable fact that there has been an increasing trend of visiting shopping malls and centres
of going to local shops which has led to the closure of many small-scale businesses. In my view, despite the loss to
is an overall positive development of the society, considering the vast variety and facilities provided by the malls which are mostly missing in small shops.
To begin
with, the most obvious factor that attracts most people towards malls is the huge collection of products available there.
In other words
, with
idea of one-stop-shop, one can purchase clothing, furniture, grocery and almost everything under a single roof without any major inconvenience. In a recent survey conducted among the local businessmen of Chandigarh, most of them claimed that their clientele has declined up to 60 percent ever since the launch of Elante Mall in the city. In starkest contrast, many find it quite an arduous and time-consuming task to visit numerous stores to explore different products. Another positive aspect of
prevailing trend is that the spacious centres provide innumerable services which make shopping more convenient.
facilities include food-courts, cinemas, gaming areas, etc., are helping many enjoy their whole day properly alongside the shopping.
For instance
, in my hometown, people leave their offspring at the play-way zone built inside the mall and go to the outlets without any hassle of handling their children while shopping. Alternatively, a person does not feel comfortable at local shops because of a lack of even the basic facilities like public washrooms or waiting areas, in turn, propelling them to prefer malls over small shops. To conclude, the burgeoning trend of visiting shopping malls is undoubtedly taking over the local business and sometimes even causes their ultimate closure.
, it may have caused a huge loss to the regional businessmen, it has proven to be a more convenient and time-efficient way which gives people a better shopping experience.

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