Many people are doing their shopping on the internet nowadays. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages if shopping online and give your opinion.

It is undeniable that in today's techno-savvy era the use of technology is increasingly likely among the people.
, these days the trend of purchasing things on the internet is immense.
, the trend brings both positive and negative aspects and I personally believe that the advantages of online shopping far outweigh its disadvantages.
To begin
with, there are numerous reasons why people prefer to buy things online portals.
, there are the wide variety of products available on shopping websites from where people can choose goods which suits their budget and requirements. The convenience is an another point to be considered on the favour of an ordering stuffs by using technological devices. Because one can buy or order anything at any time without commuting to the shopping malls and ultimately it provides reliability to the buyers as they can certainly save their time immensely. Indeed, according to the report of Hindustan Times the 80% of people considered the Amazon an effective and efficient source of an online purchase.
, diversity in the collection of an item and comfortability makes
series of browsing internet for buying is an absolute imperative.
, there are some drawbacks associated with the same which could not be ignored. For one point, shipping problems or delays in the delivery are worse situations that people often face when they choose certain websites or portals for the purchase.
, sometimes people receive the parcels too late or an inappropriate things which are totally opposite to what they have ordered.
In addition
, return can be complicated in some cases because it is seen that buyers could get a wrong article and if they return it,
it is a big trouble.
For example
, there have been some recorded instances of people's bad experiences that hinder them to avoid the shopping websites. Overall, it is not as much convenient in terms of delivery arrangements and returning. In conclusion, an advent of technology allows the people to prefer shopping online rather than visiting the stores.
online shopping has an incredible benefit to the people in
fast-paced environment, but its side effects should be overlooked. As far as I concerned,
trend should be positively accepted as it is far more advantageous than its negative consequences.

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