1) Both the poor and the rich find the accessibility into university difficult. Do you agree or disagree?

As time goes by, the importance of being educated increases, which requires all people to get a university education.
, most of the people are unable to enter the university, even those who have enough money sometimes face another sort of difficulties. I completely agree with
statement due to many different reasons. The accessibility into university is becoming more and more difficult due to some reasons.
of all, the fees of the universities are increasing rapidly, causing a lot of obstacles for those who do not have enough money.
In addition
, some rich people think that it is a waste if they spent most of their money for education only when they have the ability to spend it in more interesting things like travelling or establishing companies.
, the number of people who have given up entering college due to
reason has increased. The
main reason is the amount of requirements which are needed to enter the college, which is something difficult for both poor and rich people. Because universities no longer depend only on the high
started to give up their dreams because they need to work too hard in order to achieve all the requirements
in addition
to getting high average in the high
For example
, most of the colleges currently require the
to get high marks in IELTS and ACT
in addition
to their
, they only allocate
seats for citizens, while others have to submit many documents to be accepted.
, poor and rich
has started to avoid universities that ask for too much requirements. In conclusion,
some people think that rich persons have the ability to enter the
easily, I believe that it is hard for both poor and rich due to the high fees and the number of requirements they need. So it is something important to make it easier for the
to educate in order to line up with the new developments.

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