Should government make decisions about people's life style, or should people make their own decisions.

The lifestyle of a common person and nature of reign has changed a lot in the past century, owing to the technological and educational advances. Some people think that the government has the full right to make decisions regarding the way of living of an individual, whereas some are with the view that it should be a personal
To begin
with, the
can create a huge impact on the lives of individuals. Whatever decision is taken by it, is applicable to the whole community and
, it is believed that the government should give verdicts on a way of living.
For instance
, a single person falling prey to the world of drugs and smuggling, can impact the lives of many. But, the
has a law for the ban on these activities and can punish
saves others from getting negatively influenced.
, most of the governments try to make good decisions for the community.
On the other hand
, it is believed that an individual has all rights to decide whatever they want to do.
For example
, in most of the countries, the
has no right to interfere in the personal choices
as whom to marry, what to eat etc. As every coin has two sides,
, every right comes with a duty that others should not be harmed. As an example, in India, drinking alcohol is the personal
of one, but the moment it impacts others, as in the case of drunk driving, it becomes a public matter and the law is authorized to punish. To conclude, in these times, the lifestyle of public is impacted by both the government and the individual
. It is important to draw a line to both the independence of personal
and the
's interference.

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