Question: Do you agree or disagree that in the near future the role of teachers will be taken by technology?

It is a contentious issue that the responsibility of the tutor will be replaced by robotics. In my opinion, I completely disagree because of lack of technological advancement and its inefficiency to create a bonding with the student.
To begin
with, machine learning has not reached to the stage, where it can provide the customized solution for the people on the basis of merit.
, Artificial Intelligence cannot discriminate the strength and the weakness of a person solely on the basis of the result.
, it would not be able to play a vital role in shaping the future of the child.
For example
, a recent study proves that the productivity of children would be better when the teacher understand their psychology.
, machines do not possess the capability to assess the IQ of the scholar.
, relationship plays an indispensable role in framing the personality of a learner.
, the instructor plays an important part in sharing the emotions with the student, as he or she is indecisive to make a critical decision in their life.
, an emotional support can be provided so that it would aid student to build their personal and professional career.
For instance
, in nations
as India, the government emphasis on building stronger bond between tutor and tutee, which enhances the result of the study. In conclusion, I strongly believe that the machinery has not come to the point, where it can replace the teacher. It is mainly due to the ineffective growth in machines and its inability to maintain a connection with the scholar.

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