Levels of youth crime are increasing rapidly in most cities around the world.What are the reasons for this and suggest some solutions.

Increasing crime among the youth has become a controversial issue in the major cities throughout the globe.
is mainly due to the influence of the digital media, and possible solutions to prevent the youngsters from their worst effects is to keep a close eye on their activity and peer groups. The major possible cause of the rising criminal record of the teenagers is the adverse impacts of the shows that are being telecasted these days.Since most of our films and TV shows are based on thrills and adventurous scenes which includes immense violence, youth simply imitate what they see because they do not realise that these are not real.In India,
for instance
, particularly in the metropolitan cities,
as Mumbai, Delhi, a record increase in the criminal habits of the youngsters has been recorded in the past few years.
Thus despite
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Thus, despite
having useful effects of the digital sources on the society, its potential impacts on the adolescence cannot be overlooked.
, the solutions to avoid
problem are not simple.
of all, parents must take responsibility to raise their wards and should impart moral values in them.But
can be achieved only if they supervise their children and spend quality time with them along with the proper knowledge of their friends circle.
For example
, parents must check the ratings of the movies before allowing their child, and in fact they must accompany them.To elucidate, with the proper supervision by the fathers' and even mothers' they can be prevented from going in the wrong direction. In conclusion, undeniably, our youth is deviating on the false path, and is committing serious offences which is not at all appropriate.
the electronic equipments has greatly impacted their physical and mental development,
issue can be resolved to some extent, if parents play their role in raising their children properly.

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