Some people think that modern innovations bring a lot more problems than benefits? Do you agree or disagree?

Some argue that, contemporary innovations do more harm than the good.
However I
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However, I
have to justify that, contradictions are far more affective than the benefits. Apparently, conservative technical's, are helpful for human well being.
foreseeing is vital to minimize the persisting disadvantages.
To begin
with, human interactions have changed while human's are getting used to electronic devices like mobile phones, which has become a predominant influence on social interactions. To illustrate, the preference given for family meal time and family conversations has declined. Since, most of the young member's are interested on their cellular's, either" gaming or chatting beside sitting together and listening to their parents advices. "
, Virtual friends' involvement has become far more important than friendships in the school or neighbourhood. Eventually, nowadays people don't trend to see each other very often like in the 90's.
Therefore interaction
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Therefore, interaction
among immediate relationships has declined. To sum up, social integrity and healthy family bonds have reduced among young and old members of the families.
On the other hand
modern commodities are essential in business development, while obtaining communicating benefits, on commercial or personal needs. As an example, most trading operators intend to depend on innovative operational systems
accounting softwares, marketing apps and etc. With respect to productivity and cost effective benefits. "
, networking" facilities have qualitatively changed remote businesses and people live abroad for education or work.
Consequently trade
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Consequently, trade
activities and human mobility have diversified. In brief, modern innovation's have become the foundation of the global economy. In conclusion, modernization has been vital to develop living standards of people. Though forecasting the specific side effects should happen beforehand. Modern products should include the negative aspects on their product catalogues to eliminate matters.
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