Do children behave better when they are physically punished or rewarded? Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

A great number of parents prefer to fine to their children whilst other parents give some awards physically to their kids. There are lots of effects on children in
situation in terms of many aspects. Thereby,
essay will examine the advantages and disadvantages of
manner reasonable conclusion. On the one hand, some people fairly agree that some behaviours bring about certain results
as punishment. In an effort to act better, penalties can be chosen by many people.
That is
to say when a child's, behaviour as a disobedient or impish
conjunction used in comparatives
his mother or father can give a punishment due to show them that
act was not convenient or was harmful. To give an example, mobile phones can be used excessively by the students and
situation gives rise to some destructive effects on them.
, these children must be prevented by their families so as to enhance their academical success or education.
On the other hand
, parents have to appreciate their children if they want to bring up nicely. Awards and verbal praise have numerous impact on the children and these manner help boys to improve their attitudes. What is trying to say that when our juvenile did a good thing or got an achievement,
rewards should be given to them by us.
For instance
, according to many expert reports, the children, giving a reward from their parents or teachers for a manner more successful and beneficent relatively their contemporary. To sum up, in light of
information above, it can be clearly said that it cannot be neglected by any. From my point of
view, penalties and physically prizes can be needed.
, all of
this especially
Accept comma addition
this, especially
punishments should be proportional to action and the number of regarding must be increased for children's future
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