Some people think the news has no connection to people’s lives, so it is a waste of time to read the news in the newspaper and watch television news programs. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Most people admit
century is the intelligence, technological era. Some people believe read the news in the newspapers and watch television news programs are wasting time. I partly agree
statement due to several reasons which will be mentioned in
To begin
with, reading or watching the news is beneficial and essential factors in our soul. People who
also knows
also know
the news, they are able to easily understand the world especially, politics. Currently, overriding news is global pandemic CoVID-19. Every day, even every hour was updated
intelligence is fascinating to everyone. Cause of everyone wants to know how it is increasing onward and how to beware of
virus. Another benefit of TV, on
condition, namely in quarantine pupils are studying via TV or Internet. Because everyone is staying home, no one can go out without permission.
In addition
, reading, a wide range of news categories
as politics, economy, and entertainment will broaden your spectrum of knowledge. If you are specialized in any fields like medicine or science, medical and scientific news will intensify your knowledge accumulation.
On the other hand
, read or watch too much news, it is really wasting time and it will be detrimental. The cause of it is reading or watching much out of the norm, it will face clue flow.
As a result
, these things will distribute of our personal activity.
, there are some explanations for why people refuse to obtain the news. The most popular one is that the data from the news does not directly connect with their lives. It is obvious that we cannot recognize any relationship between a worker's heart and a report about the status of the war in the Middle East or the change political system of a country in the all the side of the world.
, I believe that it is just a lack of the perspective of how crucial knowledge could be in one's growth. In conclusion, I strongly believe that, read the news in the newspaper And watch television news programs have several advantages, while some people claim
that is
wasting time. I would strongly recommend people read newspapers every day to keep up with the progress of social development
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