Some people say that music is a good way of bringing people of different cultures and ages together. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

has long been known to be an indispensable aspect of human life and a powerful tool
that is
capable of facilitating our lives and, according to some people, a preferred method to connect people with people, from all over the world regardless of their cultures and ages. I am personally in agreement with these people’s notions, as for some reasons illustrated as follows. In the
has a magic touch to make people from different cultures of the world altogether enjoy it harmoniously. A great epitome that could hold explanation of
idea is that there are numerous
festivals held every now and
in particular
areas. To be more exact, these glamorous festivals usually draw
-lovers’ and others’ attention worldwide,
, they gather in an influx at those concerts in order to have a great time together and savour the songs of their favourite singers or bands.
, no matter where they are from, what their religious beliefs are, what languages they speak, people would share the exciting and enjoyable moment with each other,
, constructing an intimate relationship and breaking any cultural barriers.
For example
, many globally-renowned singers often hold their own
shows to provide opportunities for a great number of citizens of different nations aiming at building a peaceful and stress-free atmosphere among them.
On the other hand
be in a position to connect distinct generations together.
In other words
, the generation gap is likely to be curbed once
the music
is being played.
For example
, the song “Hello Vietnam” describes the hardship of leading lives during wartime of the Vietnamese people as well as their friendliness and hospitality in modern life. The melody of
song and itself have been able to touch every listener’s heart, making them feel sympathetic and compassionate with the loss that Vietnam had to suffer in the past. Via the song, children and adolescents could have a profound comprehension of the consistent efforts that the previous generation had made and vice versa, adults and the elder could
gain a better understanding that the young generation is tirelessly changing the country’s image in a better, more innovative and more constructive way. In conclusion, I totally concur with the statement that
has an important role to play in terms of bringing people from various cultures and generations together, making them understand each other more deeply and creating
a relieving environment.

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