People think that success in sports is mainly depends on physical abilities while others thinks that there are other important factors. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

There is a diverse range of reactions about progress in Athletics. Some people opined that achievement in sports depends solely on physical skills, while others are of the notion that there are other essential factors that determines prosperity in sports.
essay will discuss both sides and my opinion would be clearly stated. On the one hand, Physical abilities are a vital quality to possess in other to be successful in any sports. Physical ability is the ability to perform some physical activity, including the tasks that require characteristics
as strength and stamina.
For instance
, in a soccer
, a player is required to run after a ball to score for the period of 90 minutes, it
involves a lot of pushing and attacking from an opponent to secure the ball throughout the
, physical abilities are essential factors for achievement in sports.
On the other hand
, There are other crucial factors that determine outstanding performance in sports
as talents and mental skills. To start with, talent is well known to be an inbuilt skill. An individual born with a particular talent in sports, will find it very easy to attain the greatest achievement in the
In addition
, mental skills help a sportsman to be calculating and
study the opponent behaviour in sport related activities.
For instance
, in a tennis
, an individual needs to be alerted at all time, to know where
the competitor will pass the
tennis ball to
tennis ball
. In conclusion, physical abilities like strength and stamina plays a vital role in success in sports.
, in my opinion, talent and mental skills are the key factors that determine an outstanding performance in sports.
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