The widespread use of the internet has brought many problems. What do you think are the main problems connected with using the web? what solutions can you suggest?

Rapid growth in
usage has caused a variety of problems. I personally think some of these issues are more severe than others, the government and the community should both take some actions to address them. There are some negative consequences regarding the widespread usage of the
. I assume that as
is somehow a new technology, people still need more awareness and to learn about the optimum use of it. The main problem is the lack of knowledge about the consequences of their actions.
For example
, social media provides an enthusiastic platform for people to communicate online with each other. Some parents share their children’s picture on these websites.
, they are not aware that it may hurt their children’s feeling in future. Not only the privacy of children, but
every member of society’s privacy could be jeopardized by sharing too much personal information which intern could be abused.By getting used to
way of sharing sensitive information online, the term privacy would be devalued.
devaluation would harm society in general, and people could easily be abused by their own actions. Another problem is the easy access of young adults to violent movies and pornography.
a result of watching these harmful contents easily and freely, the community would face more violent behaviour. The authority and society should both do necessary actions, decreasing the detrimental effects.
and foremost, the government should educate the community use the
wisely and properly and to inform them about any upcoming consequences. If parents knew how harmful it could be for their families to share their pictures they would prevent or at least limit their online activities.
, some laws can be regulated regarding the
For instance
, violence and pornography contents could be aged-restricted. Families should
take more responsibilities and pay more attention to the way their children utilize the
. In conclusion,
brought to our lives a great deal of benefits, some difficulties are
put forth that the government and families should care about and minimize these negative impacts.
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