Most of the urgent problems can only be solved with international cooperation. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is generally believed that the majority of urgent issues and disagreements can merely be tackled with global
. I strongly agree with
idea. International
plays a vital role in solving problems occurred in any country. In the modern era, the mentioned
is promoted by unilateral agreements signed mostly between more than 150 countries. They are ratified by many states to cooperate in critical topics
as crime and punishment and protection of the environment. Take
for instance
, with the help of the unity between states, criminals transit to another country in order to escape from justice are caught without large operations and efforts.
, it would be beneficial, especially in certain areas to cooperate internationally. Global
acts as a deterrent,
in other words
, some disputable and controversial issues before they become an actual dispute are covered in the agreements as well. An interesting study conducted
year suggests that widespread regulations dissuade people from breaking the law. More, social cooperations help conserve world's cultural heritages.
, the deterrence saves our money and time as a country, and so a
someone who administers a business
can focus on improving public services. In conclusion, international
is an efficient means and works as a time and money saver. I believe
that is
crucial to overcome any problems and especially the urgent ones.
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