Some universities offer online courses as an alternative to classes delivered on campus. Do you think this is a positive or negative development?

Nowadays, many online learning platforms have been well developed to replace traditional learning methods in some universities. In my opinion,
is a positive development because internet-based courses have some advantages in terms of efficiency and flexibility for students.
, because of modern technology in education with many tailor-made computer programs, personalized learning models could help students learn at their own pace. Many researches had suggested that teachers should have different approaches to adapt to each student’s skill level, and with the development of technology
as artificial intelligence, teachers now have been receiving great support to well prepare that.
For example
, Microsoft Office, the most famous office platform, has developed many plug-in extensions into their software
as MS Word or PowerPoint to help teachers easily customize their documents and publish to SharePoint, a cloud-based platform that allows sharing among participants in the organization.
development could help learners to acquire academic knowledge effectively
of struggling while following one-fit-all courses.
In addition
, online learning provides students with flexible delivery of their studies. Some would argue that lacking peer support would impact to students’ learning outcomes.
result-oriented method means that they could have opportunities to manage their tasks proactively, and as a consequent, improving their practical skills
as time-management and self-study. By having these, which are required by multinational corporations
as Google, Amazon because employees need to manage their work independently and quickly adjust in a fast-changing workplace, students would get better career prospects. In conclusion, online learning in tertiary education is a positive trend that could help students to improve their learning outcomes. Adapting and changing way of teaching is the priority for teachers in the technology-based society.
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