Successful sports professionals can earn a great deal more money than people in other important professions. Some people this is fully justified while others think it is unfair. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

The world of sports is a multibillion-dollar industry.
As a result
, professional sports athletes receive huge salaries- well above,
for example
, those of doctors, lawyers, teachers or social workers. While some people argue that it is unjustifiable, I am of the opinion that
outrageously high salary is reasonable. On the one hand, advocates argue that it is unreasonable for other high-skilled specialists who share equal or more dedication in their respective
to have lower payments as people in the
field. As we all know, doctors, teachers,… are noble jobs and their humane values are more appreciative than the entertaining values of
. Teachers play an indispensable role in imparting knowledge and shaping the character of children.
For example
, the annual salary of a teacher is much lower than the single match fee of a basketball player.
On the other hand
, I am in favour of the idea that
is consecrated as an experienced
, in which the top players with their efforts are
more worthy
of higher incomes than those who are in other fields. The
and foremost reason is that even the most elite professional players must undergo years of intensive training from their childhood for the purpose of developing the requisite skills and fitness level to the ultimate condition. That means they have to trade many things in their life for success. Notwithstanding, it seems that the
longevity of
is significantly shorter than other occupations.
As a result
, if they are not well-paid, they are not capable of saving enough money for the rest of their lives to take care for themselves and their families. Another compelling reason for the idea is that tournaments are constant and every player must give their best shot in a comparatively short
and in that short span of time they might have gone through various injuries and surgeries.
For instance
, when a football player suffers from a catastrophic injury like a broken leg, it would put an end to their football life. In conclusion, while some people argue that
players and other professionals should earn the same level of salary, it seems to me it is justifiable that athletes are paid much higher for the above-mentioned reasons.
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