Students at schools and universities learn far more from lessons with teachers than from other sources such as the internet, television. To what extent, do you agree or disagree with their opinion?

Some sets of people argue that the lecture with an instructor in educational institute is way more valuable than other learning materials. I strongly concur the view in that both the accuracy of the knowledge and the development of the people who being educated. Admittedly, I partly agree that other learning materials, such as the internet and the media will benefit students in a school and a University. Students will be extending their learning experience via various media, more specifically, if young students learn about an earthquake, they can gain lively instruction, including 3-dimensional images and videos through searching it online. As a result, they can learn more effectively compared to the traditional way which is learning from the textbook with teachers. Furthermore, especially, from the perspective of the University students who be required to search wider and deeper intelligence, the internet and television will be an essential learning method to them more than the only professor’s lecture. They can easily access up-to-date info, especially thesis and article related to the topic that they are interested in, and also gain valuable information fast and easy. Nevertheless, I, as one of the opponents of the view, hard to agree when considering the teaching ability of instructors and the perspective of young students. On top of that teachers and professors are experts in each field, they have very accurate data about the subjects. In addition, they have special skills to teach their students, for example, they give them homework to develop the student’s own abilities and taking assessments at the end of each class to checking the acceptance of the lecture. Another reason worth mentioning is the information on the internet is not accurate all the times, researchers who looking for the appropriate knowledge should have 'data literacy' skills which are accepted only right and true instruction while searching. However, as far as the ability of young children is considered, they are not mature enough to distinguish right from the wrong information, it will be harsh for them looking for accurate information on the full with false and truth of the internet world. Lastly, I want to emphasize the way to learn from the information on the internet or television cannot be applied to all students. In conclusion, it appears that instructors with their quality and depth of knowledge, are set to remain an integral part of the syllabus. If used carefully and under supervision, the Internet and television can be judged a useful supplement to it.
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