Topic: Academic achievements at school or university is the only true measure of a person’s intelligence. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is true that people achieve academic qualifications that make them get a good position in the standard evaluation of society. However, I totally disagree with the statement that their brilliance should be solely assessed by their success at school. Firstly, attainments in school or college do not always reflect real educational Intelligence since test results are influenced by not only the intelligence of testers but also other factors, both physically and mentally. For example, a brilliant student may happen to fall an ordinary exam if he is prone to an unexpected severe headache or an upcoming stressful event. These problems prevent his brain from working properly and thus leads to poor results. Moreover, it is a fact that a great deal of people in the world is still successful without joining any universities. Those who still receive human respect by making crucial contributions to human civilization. But not really depended on schools such as Bill Gates, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, etc. Secondly, academic intelligence cannot exclusively determine the term ”intelligence” in general. This is because impressive academic accomplishments play a part in nine types of intelligence such as Linguistic Intelligence, Logic Intelligence, Musical Intelligence, etc. For instance, those with musical intelligence based on their strength can easily create or catch a melody and a song or perform a complex piece of music. Such skills cannot be essentially learned on a course of from a book, therefore, they may be talented singers or musicians, but do not need to be good students at school. In conclusion, I do believe that people cannot be judged to be smart based on their academic backgrounds alone. People who can explore their abilities and take advantage of their intelligence are more likely to gain success in their life.
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