Only formal examinations wtitten or practical can give a clear picture of students true knowledge and ability at university level. Continues assessments like projects and course works are poor measures of students ability. How far do you agree?

Regular task achievements and assignments are vague options used to check the aptitude level of students, henceforth duration, ending pen and paper based examination followed by exam of putting theory in practise show correct students' abilities at university level. It is agreed that for being capable of the standard of university, One has to give age old examinations which includes theory and practices. Firstly, the benefits of formal examinations and how it is a better option will be discussed, secondly, the problems and why to avoid daily tasks will be debated. At the term, when students are checked about their improvement in the abilities and knowledge after sitting in the classes for the whole span around. The reason for conducting checkup to qualify a student for the senior section is impeccable and the failed ones are given the chance to relearn the same period again. There should not be constant pressure on bright brains from the output for what they are learning, but should be allowed enough time to learn as well as to explore. This constant raging ruin their life out to find short ways to finish the task and not to put an effort and burn some calories by brain. The best illustration, we can go through is about the japan country, where every single student has taught mathematics and tested with various problem solvers at the edge of the period, but not by daily task completion. Although, due to this sort of practise among students, today japan is the most leading country in technology. Henceforth, the real researched proof of importance of formal checkup. Daily tests when students come to school and weekly assignments or monthly projects are inadequate ways of teaching, not because they will forget at the deadline of the stretch what was taught in starting, but because they will rely more on external sources of information like search engine and YouTube videos. Projects made without the use of textbooks is useless as the thing which they need to learn, they are trying to execute it without learning and proper knowledge. Let us talk about the present day scenario of the students pursuing an engineering degree, they are intended to submit the written records of each and every class around the semester. Nevertheless, it is not appropriate because all the students just write it down without learning it, that too from the one who has completed it first. The meaning of such an education is meaningless and a waste of time and money. That sort of learning is dangerous, even though it gives the satisfaction of knowledge without knowing it. In conclusion, it is important to have a traditional pen, paper based scan for the bright future of the generations, apart from daily tasks which are exhausted as well as useless.
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