Some people believe that success in life comes from hard work and determination, while others think that there are more important factors such as money and appearance. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

No one denies that a successful life is the most desirable goal, thus people curious about the deciding factors that reaching a peak of their career. There is some debate about the contributors. Some people argue that practical things, such as assets or physical beauty are important, however, others believe that personal abilities, including hard-working and determination, is a crucial role in achieving success. I personally agree with the latter opinion, and I believe that personal efforts are deciding factor. Some sets of peoples believe that a large amount of property and a charming appearance is necessary to reach achievement. In the first place, considering human nature, people prefer naturally beautiful creatures rather than an ugly person, thus a person with a good looking gains not only attention but also favours from others. More specifically, if there are two-individual with similar work abilities, however, the one person's appearance is better than the other, then the character with an outstanding outfit will be promoted than the ordinary one, thus the character will ensure the victory of his or her career with high salaries. On top of that, money is the key factor to the goal. This is because the seed money, which can invest right away is powerful, compared to an individual who has a financial loan, The man with the property will achieve lifetime goal faster and easier. Admittedly, I partly agree with the view that two contributing factors, however, I strongly believe that personal skills without any efforts play a pivotal role in reaching the goal. First of all, the endeavours to help gain some valuable experiences in the aspect of life. To explain in detail, if young student practices, general times at home, or at school, it will minimize the risk of repeating mistakes, then the student gains a higher score on a formal examination. Secondly, the determination motivates people to allow them to set up goals and support them to move forward with their life goals. In conclusion, there are not certain ways to achieve success, however, I personally concur that personal efforts are more essential than the gifted skills, including money or appearance.
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