Junk/Street Food is the most affordable meal for the working class. But health problems due to rampant and uncontrolled consumption are being compounded. It has therefore become imperative for governments to impose a higher tax on them. To what extent do you agree to this arrangement by the government? Give your opinion.

While the severity and the number of health problem excessively amplified owing to the consumption of unhealthy junk food, I totally disagree that levying the higher tax alone on these affordable foods will push them to adopting healthy eating habits. In this essay, I will discuss the impact of such initiative by the government and alternate measures that would be more effective. To begin with, in this urban area and fast pace life, people hardly get time for cooking. Firstly, due to the increased work pressure and competition in the work field, fast food are like blessings to the people. This is not only a cheaper option, but easier to avail without compromising their working time. As a result, It assists in maintaining a work life balance. Furthermore, it is almost next to impossible for everyone to cook healthy food at home. For example, most bachelors working outside their home town, do not have the skill to cook at home. On the other hand, increasing the tax on cheaper food options will increase the burden on some people, which are below the poverty line. Firstly, in most of the scenarios, cooking food at home is more costly than junk food available in the market. Thus, people who barely can afford street food for their living, it would be an added pressure. Rather than imposing higher tax on fast food options, the Government should make available healthy food options at affordable prices. In addition, it should create awareness among the citizens about the detrimental effects of junk food. For example, the Government should run cheaper and nutritious food initiates as currently are being exercised in Government schools. To conclude, although fast food has detrimental effects on peoples' health, I am personally of the opinion that elevating tax on these food items will impose more burden to the working class and rather Government should provide cheaper and healthy food items in the market.
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