some students study abroad rather than in their own countries. why do they do this ?

Nowadays, with global development moving from agrarian to rustic is no longer an obstacle. Therefore, over time, many people choose to go to school or college in a new provincial. And part of the reason I will be demanded in this article.  To begin with the new education, student goes to a different bucolic to learn new things, but their knowledge is limited at the school. So the student chooses the subject abroad to increase their knowledge in great schools.In my viewpoint, in Vietnam has a great number of quality-universities, but students have just function abroad because the education in developing agrarian helps their students' inquiry huge knowledge at universities more than in Viet Nam. They will choose the best of the best schools absolutely in top 100 quality-university in all of the world. If they have the convenience, they will get into Harvard. And inquiry abroad not only helps students to know more and more knowledges, but also improvement in their new language.In the first time inquiry abroad, many students have culture shock because it's different from their rustic, so reach out the new culture is not easy. When our operation abroad, they will find incredible new foods, customs, traditions and so on. We will have the convenience to witness a completely new way of growth. One of the biggest benefits of function abroad is the hope to meet new growth long friends from different countries. This gives you the event to really get to know and create lasting relationships with your fellow students. Moreover, we can keep in touch with them when utilization abroad programs end. These friends can be also the important part of our activity.  In conclusion, these are many reasons that show us utilization abroad is very interested, but there are also many difficulties. So if we have freedom to debate abroad, we'll try our best in this freedom because it's open our new growth in a new county.
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