It is better for young people to get advice from old people than young ones. Do you agree or disagree?

In the human lifespan, individuals need an advice at various stages of life which plays an essential part in their life. Some people believe that elders are the people for the advice when young generation is in tribulation. I am with the opinion and shed some light on this with relevant examples in the following paragraphs. The main reason is due to the knowledge and experience that old generation possess, which is the real treasure of old age people. Octogenarians usually have the wisdom which they earn with their life experiences throughout their life. Additionally, whenever adolescents and young people face distress situations financially or medically, the guidance and intelligence from their parents and grandparents always help them to overcome from their hardships. For example, during my childhood, my father had a loss in business and he went into depression. Recommendations from my grandparents on financial perspective had worked magic that helped him to revive fast financially as well as medically. Another persuasive reason is related to their love and affection. Human souls love their future tender buds and always help them without any desire. Moreover, the direction given by them doesn’t demand anything in return, whereas if young people seek help from their peers and friends, usually there is a lack of true advice. For instance, my cousin who lived in New York, faced a critical situation regarding bank loan as he relied on his friend’s instructions instead of his uncle’s recommendation and lost all of his wealth. In conclusion, whether to not youngsters should follow the suggested directions from their previous generation is a debatable issue. In my opinion, today’s generation should always get the counselling and suggestions from their elders such as parents, grandparents because of their experience, intelligence and their unconditional love for their offspring.
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