More and more pollution and wastage produced. How common people are effected by pollution What can an individual can do to prevent it?

Our mother earth is weeping because of the two major threats, pollution and climate change. In spite of many global conferences being held to find out a permanent solution, a promising remedy is yet to be put into action. This essay will shed some light on the need to look for an effective plan and the alternatives that could put an end to these ever growing issues in the near future. There are several reasons to support the ineffectiveness of the solutions provided. Firstly, the more pragmatic the solution is the more it would be implemented and many decisions which are taken so far to combat the climate changes are less pragmatic. Take for an instance, putting up the usage of private vehicles tends to be something that can only exist on black and white. Secondly, measures taken so far seem like would be effective only in a long run. As a result, we still suffer the consequences of poor air quality, global warming and unpredictable climate. Finally, if only the rules enforced are stringent, is there a possibility for it to be implemented. The figures of authorities are usually less careful about the long-term effects of these global concerns on the future generation. Mitigation! That is what the world needs. The world leaders take decisions to fight the pollutions and climate change and many of these decisions remain in the papers and never see the daylight. The ideas should be implemented not discussed. The lack of implementation and budget are two main reasons we still have the pollution and increased Earth temperature. However, there are possibilities to make this planet clean and habitable again. For this to happen, sharing of vehicles among commuters of same destination or a reliable public transportation could be introduced. Besides, instead of focusing on long-term actions like reducing deforestation done for residential purposes, plantation of a large number of saplings and creation of awareness programmes for students would be much more operative. Furthermore, a hefty fine for non-environmental friendly activities ought to be followed to make the solutions efficient. The world leaders have to make things happen rather than discussion and decisions. They should enforce every country to implement the measures they think useful. Funnily, they decide to reduce the number of private vehicles on the roads and yet their countries produce millions of cars to export to other countries and they are investing more on space research than to make the world livable. That’s something that should be taken seriously not lightly. To bring the curtains down, the whys and wherefores of dissolutions that didn’t bear fruits were put in the limelight and also the immediate changes that can be done to hand down the globe as it is to the posterity were suggested.
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