some people think government is responisble for looking after the elderly, others beleive that it should be family members. Who do you think should take responsibilty?

Taking care of the elderly is a debatable issue.
some argue it is
obligation, others believe it is family members who must look after them. In my opinion, it should be the joint responsibility of both. On the one hand, I consider that looking after senior citizens is the duty of the family. Since Family plays an integral role to deter them from feeling lonely. To elucidate, at one time they worked the only ones’ who supported their children and grandchildren and made them able to stand on their feet and imparted an unconditional love.
, they are eligible to get support and care from family members when they are in desperate need and love and affection from a family member is the only thing to make them feel joyous and comfort.
For example
, a recent article by Times of India reported that the majority of elderly who lived with families did not face any severe health problems,
as a bad immune system, insomnia, due to getting love and affection.
On the other hand
, I
believe the
to be blamed for taking care of senior citizens.
is because they paid to the
in the form of taxes for the entire life for the betterment of the country.
, they deserve to get help from the
at the time of their need,
as, they should build the hospitals with new equipped machines and make nursing homes with qualified nurses who can deal with mobility problems of them.
example, the news in the Guardian news reported that Finland
opened several gyms, particularly for the elderly, where they feel gratified, happy by meeting with the same age of people, which makes them feel more active and energetic and do not tend to feel isolated. In conclusion,
people have different views about looking after older people, I,
, believe it should be the joint responsibility of both
and family.
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