These days, mobile phones and the internet are very important to the ways in which people relate to one another socially. Do the advantages of this development outweigh the disadvantages?

Recent years have seen mammoth of unforeseen innovations in the communication system - which has transformed free-spirited human beings to technologically savvy individuals; as a consequence, metamorphosed into a moot point. Notwithstanding, this discourse delves into both standpoints, and subsequently, will explore whether boons trump pitfalls, accordingly. Admittedly, the exponents of the view that cell phones and the internet has made life easier in communicating with each other - have their own justification. Additionally, an individual can keep in contact with his near and dear ones while studying abroad, where persuading higher schooling has not left any chance for face-to-face conversation. The rationale behind this debate might be that it does not matter where the people are living; interaction with friends and family is not only the most essential need to enhance motivation, but also it bestows psychological support while being aborted from home. Moreover, the network system is an indispensable facet to socialize globally, while being updated with current affairs, improving the understanding of diverse cultures around the world, and to broadening the horizons of knowledge. To exemplify, according to one survey by the University of London in 2009, 60% of the population succeeded in the academic curriculum due to the use of the computer network rather than book reader students. However, on the other side, could contenders of the school of thought that mobile phones and the internet are engendering youngsters into violation and bad addictions, be absolutely right? Certainly, it follows that the internetwork is not bound to dispense restricted information only; hence, youth can misuse the misleading advertisement while using online services. Furthermore, one debauched individual is enough to make the surrounding community diabolical. To epitomise, a reputed celebrity who is drug-addicted, his habit of uploading smoking pictures on social media drives youth to start bad habits. To conclude, having explored both slants, personally, I consent to the hilt that the use of the internet and cell phones have implemented tremendous staggering than drawbacks. Thus, it is clear that plus points supersede the gloomy aspect.
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