some people believe should learn a foreign language from the time they start school, while others believe it is better to wait until a child is at secondary school. Discuss both sides and give your own opinion.

Learning a foreign expression is an important skill in our world today. Some experts think that the best moment for young people to learn a new style is at Primary School. While
could bring many benefits and drawback. I believe that the pluses are for more than two minuses. On the one hand, many parents think that kids should not start learning any other speech because more subjects will overburden the child.
, it could be a waste of time since children need to focus on other subjects
as math, science.
, children may get confused because of learning many languages at the same time and
could have a negative impact on their development.
On the other hand
, in my opinion that children should start learning the other languages in elementary age.Because at an early age, children can learn any jargon so compare and kid's brain is supremely adaptive for any new subject or any style.
In other words
, for children with learning languages is not a hard task as it is for adults.
In addition
, languages nowadays are as important in science and math. In conclusion,
students have the chance to choose properly a foreign dialect which could be benefited them in the future.
, on balance, I think that children should learn
second accent
a second accent
the second accent
at an early age, they enter into the school
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