Nowadays, people are spending increasingly large amounts of money on their marriage parties. Many people feel large and expensive weddings cause problems for the bride and groom. Do you agree?

In recent times community is expense more on function and other activity.It is often argued that in todays scenario societies is devoted to a plenty of money to their reception. The majority of members of societies consider that high
marriage created a concern for a couple. I plainly disagree with
information about
will be discussed in the essay.
To begin
with, individual is contributing a vast number of
to their money on several functions including serving food, transportation and clothing. There is a plethora of reason for that.
and foremost, as today people have a lot of relative and friends.
Therefore they
Accept comma addition
Therefore, they
have expensed a large amount of money on the foods and related activities.
In addition
to these, other expense
Accept space
like renting a car or arranging a transportation for people is
a make higher volume in terms of monetary.
For instance
, According to a survey of IIM Ahemdabad, More than half of spending of total
is about serving a cuisine to the people.
As a result
, it is understandable that we cannot consider a newly wedded couple are not the major reason.
, there are other
related to parties as well.
as clothes and accessories which
contributed more than 20%.
For example
, high brand suits and jewellery are one of the major concerns of families. Which has a significant contribution to the total
. To conclude, as there are several
are there apart from parties.
Hence given
Accept comma addition
Hence, given
statement does not seem rational to me.
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