Some people believe that capital punishment should never be used. Others, however, argue that it should be allowed for the most serious crimes. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Some argue that major punishment should never be used while others believe that it can be allowed for the gravest of crimes.
essay agrees with the notion that only serious criminals should get serious punishments and others should get volunteer work for free.
, it will convey a strong message to society and to those who think of committing serious offences. If a person commits a small crime
as, stealing food from a grocery store or snatching the chain,
, he should definitely get unpaid social work or small fines.
For example
, due to his financial condition, he had to commit it or could be any other circumstances involved in
as well.
, by giving an unpaid job to him, he can get a clean cheat and
, live with dignity in society again. On the other side, if an individual has done very serious crime like rape or murder, he should definitely get the death sentence. As it will set an example for others too and in the future before repeating these blunders they have to think hundreds of times.
For instance
, a person indulged in a rape case and if he will not hang so, there might be a higher chance of increasing the ratio of rape cases in the future.
be the mammoth challenge in front of the government. To conclude, I believe only serious criminals like rapists and murderers should get capital punishments whereas, the small crime holder should absolutely get one more chance to correct their mistakes and live with the livelihood again.
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