Some people think the purpose of education is to prepare the future workforce and make good members of society. Others think the purpose of education should lead to self-fulfillment. What is your opinion?

is the controversial topic concerning education is to prepare the future workforce and make good members of society, As far as I am convinced that education is significant in every aspect. In
essay will discuss different parameters about the purpose of study. In my opinion, literacy is necessary for every human being which plays the vital role in their life.
In addition
, people who
themselves are more practical than others who is illiterate, for the reason that people who don't know factual things they start assumption which is a very pernicious thing.
For instance
, I have completed masters in agricultural technology in the age of 24 and started some new inventions for agriculture,
my brother was diploma dropped out and he diverted to make money due to that he's suffering with lots of tension and distracted and he didn't achieved his goal of making money and he is not satisfied with
. And he asks me now brother what should I do now.
, learning makes a vital role in every human being's life with
knowledge make them wiser and obviously help to the society.
, they could build a company due to that so many people around them get a work by that idea. So it is helpful for humanity and for grownups.
For example
, students who graduate from the Hertfordshire can find employment on google easily, giving them a good starting point and excellent interpersonal resources.
, they have a greater possibility to enjoy a successful life and fulfil themselves. To sum up, I am more inclined with the idea that the purpose of study is to prepare for the future workforce and make good members of civilization, even though teaching can
help individuals fulfil their dream.
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