More and more students are choosing to study at colleges or universities in a foreign country. Do the benefits of studying abroad outweigh the drawbacks?

In recent times, Many learners are opting to migrate to foreign countries in order to seek higher education in Colleges or universities. While
trend has a minor deficit, it is
immeasurably beneficial. In
essay, I will explain my opinion why I certainly feel that
tendency is far more advantageous. On the positive side, one of the predominant reason to support
trend is the independent lifestyle of people of foreign countries. If students would migrate to other countries, they would learn how to survive on their own. In Canada,
for instance
, international students perform all their household chores and
earn money by spending 8-10 hours a week while working.
, they gain the self confidence which massively benefits them in future.
notion broadens their horizons and they become aware of culture, traditions and customs of foreign countries, which enhances their knowledge and seek new experiences of life while living in the host
, I believe that children moving to oversee to study is a progressive approach. On the negative side, the major concern regarding
stance is the homesickness. Many students find it difficult to live alone and miss their kith and kin, which make them feel lonely and isolated from the society.
, they have to suffer from language barriers and culture shock which
make it difficult for them to live there. Many students,
for example
, in different nations
as Australia and UK left their studies and come back to their native
as they could not learn the language of that
. Evidently, it could be critical for students to learn in a new environment. In conclusion, students face difficulty while migrating to another
to study.
practice has an adverse effect, including homesickness and a language barrier, it is substantially more fruitful in terms of independent living and earning money, knowledge and experience of life.
, I utterly perceive that its benefits clearly outweigh the drawbacks.
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