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Some people believe that children are given too much free time. They feel that this time should be used to do more school work. How do you think children should spend their free time? (

There still is a debate as to whether youngsters should be given more leisure time or extra academic tasks; notwithstanding, this disquisition delves into both vantage points, and subsequently, will explore my own perspective, in turn. Apparently, having enough recreation time allows juveniles to indulge themselves into a various kind of sports clubs -- which not only can enhance their physical abilities by boosting power of core muscles, but also improve their mental stability by reducing the stress of studying. Additionally, getting a chance to get socialize, make them more proficient in communication and renders leadership skills. It has been proved that a child needs more soft skills rather than academic skills to obtain a fortunate job prospectives and great future, accordingly; hence, it should be mandatory to bestow more time for recreational activities. According to one survey, to exemplify, by the Chronicle Journal in 2011, 70% of the school going child lived life fullest, without getting psychosomatic conditions unlike others. However, could the contenders of the school of the thought that a college should give more homework to a schoolgirl or a schoolboy, be absolutely right? Certainly, it follows that in order to procure higher score; a youngster has to rehearse and rewind all work after getting into a home. As a consequence, a brighter future can be wangled -- which plays a pivotal role live an opulent life. Moreover, it is questionable that if a student involved in sports or other activities and then he/she never returns to class, no one can give guarantee. To conclude, I reiterate that guardians should motivate their children to use extra school hours to develop their characteristics and hobbies; nonetheless, they should not completely blown away from formal studies. Personally, I consent to the hilt with exponents of the view that adolescents should spend their extra pace with their friends and families to broaden the horizon of experiences and to ameliorate networking skills -- which are far crucial than the educational knowledge.
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