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Students today can access information online, so libraries are not necessary. Do you agree or disagree with this statement.

The internet is a boon in today's world as it is a wide platform containing all the information in the world. Any information can be accessed by students in the online today. I agree with the statement that libraries are not necessary anymore. Students can gather research materials and update knowledge regularly using the net as a medium. Firstly, students can access any course material online. For example, Raju made use of Wikipedia to collect the details required for completing the given assignment in school. Large number of sites are available online for the sole purpose of helping students in their academic endeavour and provide reliable and updated information. Therefore, the internet can be seen as a storage space for knowledge just as a library. Secondly, nowadays schools provide student's notes digitally as well. For instance, at the end of the academic year, the principal informed students to download textbooks online as pdf files and practice early. All the required study materials can be downloaded or streamed online in the laptops and the tabs and the students can practice leaning anywhere at anytime. Thus, cyberspace has replaced the printed books with digital ones. In conclusion, the internet has replaced the newspapers, textbooks, journals and all sorts of traditional sources of knowledge earlier seen in the libraries. As a result, students can rely on online network over the need for libraries. Due to its robust nature and regular updating, there will be online libraries made available for students' needs as the need arises.
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