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some people say that museums should be free but others opine that some entry fee should be there. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

It is believed by a certain populace that there should be an entry fee for the museums, while others disagree. Although entry fees might discourage people, I believe that it would financially support the functioning of the museum. To begin with, entry fees for the museum will discourage people. In other words, people may love to spend their money on entertainment purposes, or they may not have the fee to pay. For example, according to a survey by a well-known newspaper The Guardian, it is found that only 10% of the people are only interested in the paid visit to the museum. Therefore, the purpose of the museum, to teach people about local culture and history, cannot be accomplished. Having said that, I believe that entry fees will be supporting the museum financially. This is to say, there are various expenses of the museum, such as the salary of the staff, and the preservation and procurement of new artefacts. Also, the museums most often are funded by the government bodies, and any delay in the payment by the government creates chaos as employees do not get their salaries on time. This can be exemplified by 60% of curators in the UK, who admitted that they most often do not get their salary on time. Therefore, funding in the form of the entry fees will help to pay monthly bills and all other expenditures. In conclusion, some people believe that the entry fees will deter visitors, while I argue that it will help to smooth the functioning of the museum.
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