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Some young people are leaving countryside to live in cities or towns, it leaves only old people in countryside. What are the problems of this issue? What can be done to solve this problem?

Nowadays, most young adults travel to cities and towns for better study or work opportunities. However, the main issue associated with this practise, is that the elderly parents are left alone in villages. Developing more facilities in countrysides is one solution to this problem. The principle problem of youngsters settling down in cities and towns, is that it leaves their old parents alone in villages. Consequently, there is no one to take care of them. Moreover, facilities in most countrysides are limited, and unavailable, within close proximity. Thus, the livelihood of these elderly people becomes difficult. For instance, small clinics in most villages are at least 30 minutes away by car, whilst, main hospitals require a car travel time of an hour, at the very least. A solution to this problem is developing more facilities and services, within short distances, in all villages. This will make the lives of elderly people easier. Thus, as a result, putting an end to the worry of their children as well. Additionally, it will increase employment within villages, hence, reducing the number of people leaving countrysides. For instance, development of small clinics or pharmacies, within a kilometre, would be extremely helpful during health emergencies, furthermore, increasing work opportunities. To summarise, youngsters travelling far distances, while their old parents are left alone in villages, with little to no facilities, is a major issue. However, in most cases, it is a situation which cannot be avoided.A possible solution is to create more facilities in these villages, to reduce the large travel time.
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