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In many countries, very few young people read newspapers or follow the news on TV. What do you think are the causes of this? What solutions can you suggest?

Back in the days, reading newspapers was one of the most relevant and marketable ways to keep abreast of realities. After a while, with the advent of television, they shared this niche between each other. Nowadays, newspapers and television are gradually losing their significance, especially among the younger generation. What could be the reason for this trend and how can we influence the situation? Discussing about the popularity of newspapers and television we can find several relevant reasons why young people prefer other sources or they are even not interested in news feeds at all. Firstly, many young people find the content presented in newspapers boring and uninteresting - they are not attracted to the methods of presenting information, the complexity of the language and the seriousness of some subjects. On the other hand, some young people do not trust the information that is provided in various sources and they prefer the Internet in order to be able to get acquainted with different points of view. Additionally, the third group considers news programs and newspapers to be aggressive sources of information, so they prefer to avoid such information altogether. On the other hand, I know some young people as well, who despite their age regularly follow the news. Overall, they always try to be in the know about events covered in various sources, including newspapers and television. In my opinion, to attract the young generation it is necessary to update the content presented in contemporary newspapers and television - it is worth to emphasise the problems that interest the young audience, use a simpler and more contemporary language and also concentrate on a coloristic solution to the data provided resources. Perhaps, the most appropriate solution would be to create independent publications for their own target group and the specialized content.
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