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At present fewer small age individuals are willing to read the newspapers and watching the news on television. The main reason behind on this is technology development.
In the modern world, more and more people are choosing various kinds of entertainment for their free time, rather than spending in reading and watching the news on TV, or newspaper. In this essay, I discuss various reaso
Nowadays, it is a debatable issue that only a few youngsters would prefer to read a newspaper or watch it on their smart devices. This essay will provide various causes and possible solutions to this question in the foll
These days, young people are no longer interested in reading newspapers and watching the news on television. This essay shall analyze some causes of the depletion of newspaper readers. This essay shall also elicit some v
Current affairs are the essence of national issues and the problems any country is facing at the moment. To keep a check on them, is the responsibility of every individual. Keeping an eye on newspapers and popular talk
In more and more modern society these days. The total youngster is decreasing about reading newspaper or watching news on TV as lots of reasons. This essay will give some causes and solves for this issue.
In today's fast-paced world, newspapers and television are considered to be traditional information sources. However, nowadays, many youngsters are not making use of these types of mediums. In this essay, I will expound
News is one of the best ways to be informed about current affairs. It is often argued that the current form of consuming news via newspapers and TV is not appealing to youngsters. This essay will discuss the main causes
In most countries, very few young people are fond of reading newspapers or inclined towards getting news from Television. In my opinion, there are multiple causes such as digitalization and personal interest which contri
In many parts of the globe, the percentage of youth reading newspapers or following news on TV is extremely less. Knowing about what is happening in the world is very essential as it also helps in understanding its impl
Nowadays people are very busy in playing games and bing watching movies. There are only few people who want to be in the know whats happning around the world. I think making news entertainmenting and news paper colouful
It is irrefutable to say that knowledge is power and that one must be aware of all the happenings in today's world. However, in many nations, children do not watch the news or read the newspapers. This essay details the
Nowadays, reading newspapers or watching news on TV are less popular than they used to be, especially among young people. The reason behind this is not because the quality of newspapers or news on TV have become worse, b
Of recent, it is being noticed that the young generation in several countries is disinterested in reading newspapers or following the current affairs in media. I presume the main reasons for these is due to the influence
No one should drinks more than one small glass of fruit juice a day Health experts issued the warning last week followingdiscovery that children and teenager are consuming 40% more added sugar than recommended, so tha
Nowadays, youngsters are not interested in reading newspapers or getting news on television. Even though some people say that teenagers care nothing but themselves, so they don't think that the news is necessary for thei
In todays time we have a huge generation gap comparing to our forefathers when they had half the population we have now and since their generation was not much adavanced and had nothing much to do they enjoyed spending t
Are we live in a world where we are about to give up on traditional mainstream media? It is constantly argued about the fact that results young people to move away from their interests in reading newspapers and following
Nowadays there are multiple mediums available for an individual to check on the latest news or what is happening around. However, there is a lack of interest in the young generation to connect themselves with any kind of
In recent times, the popularity of news has decreased as compared to the past few years. This essay will discuss two main causes which are the increasing trend of youtube to follow daily updates and drastic reduction in
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