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Living in a country where you have to speak a foreign language can cause serious social problems, as well as practical problems. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Being the resident of the nation in which you have to speak a totally new language is a tedious task. It creates many, social as well as practical issues in day to day life of the people. And I totally agree with the above point of view. I will elaborate in detail in the next paragraphs. To begin with, firstly, being an immigrant or a resident in a province, where you have to speak, complete new language, which is other than your mother tongue is very much like a headache. This is because, it creates lots of social difficulty for that person. For instance, there will always be a certain gap in the communication between two persons as well as they will never be able to form that strong relationship between them, due to language differences and cultural diversity. Thus, surviving in the country which speaks a different language than your lingo, will create many complications in life of that individual. Secondly, the language barrier will also create a practical mess in the life of the people. That is because, lingo is the basic way of communication with the people and if you are not able to communicate with them, then a practical hardship is going to be created. For example, I recently got a transferred to Germany from my company, and as I know only basic german, it is really difficult for me to exchange ideas with my colleagues, and on top of it, my son faces lots of troubles in his school as well as making new friends. Therefore, the real problems arise when you live in a foreign country which speaks a totally different language than ours. To conclude, it is true that, an individual moving to a state where language is different from what he/she speaks will create social as well as practical obstacles in communicating with the outside world due to lack of proper interaction as well as the culture differences.
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