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As countries develop, more and more people buy and use their own cars. Do the advantages of this trend for individuals outweigh the disadvantages for the environment?

In recent times, the number of cars has been increasing.While some suggest that this is a positive trend, others consider that this could have many drawbacks as well. This essay will discuss both aspects of supports a personal pickup and I the latter viewpoint. Those who advocate having a personal convertible point out that its convenience.This means these vehicles can carry its passengers from their doorstep to destination point, which eventually reduce commuting hours considerably. By doing this, many passengers can have more family time and thus they can have work- life balance. Another merit of care is the it is a symbol of status in most of the sectors of the social life and consider kind of financial assets. Especially, luxurious cars such as BMW, Audi. However, many environmentalists argue that excessive use of cars on the road may damage the air quality. Burning of the fuels emits poisonous gas that can cause life threatening diseases such as cancer, asthma and allergic reactions. Secondly, when more and more people driving cars that lead to traffic congestion and delay in reaching the destination at the proper time. This would prevent employees to reach their work place on time. When considering both views, I personally think that a car can have a damaging effect on a personal level. Car owners become highly dependable and less physical exercise can have on a daily basis. Financially, since fuel charges has been increased, this trend would tarnish the family budget. Although personal cars have many merits, these can have demerits on humans and to the surroundings as well. Therefore, I strongly support car pooling.
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