A healthy person is often described as someone who has a good diet, gets plenty of exercise and avoids stress.What should people do to stay healthy in your country? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples for your own knowledge and experience

It is said that health is the biggest asset one can have. Nowadays, due to modernization, people adopt an unhealthy lifestyle
of being healthy. It is true that a person who live their life stress free and does a lot of exercises remain fit and healthy.
essay elaborates the steps which can help people to stay healthy.
of all, the main step for good health is to eat a balanced diet.
In other words
, individuals include fruits, green vegetables and pulses in their daily food plan because these form the rich source of vitamins and essential nutrients which protect individuals from becoming Obese or underweight.
, people should include at least five litres of water in a day.
As a result
, extra toxins can be excreted from our torso through urine and sweat, which makes the human body free of unessential wastes,
, humans should involve in physical activities as part of their daily routine to live physical well. Many working class is involved in jobs with no involvement of physical work, because of it the immune system of the human does not work properly and it makes people unhealthy. So that if mankind wants to be fit and live longer
conjunction used in comparatives
they should indulge in physical exercises
as hitting the gym or practising yoga. To conclude, people who want to switch from an unhealthy life to a healthy lifestyle. They should modify their eating habits, be happy and practice physical workouts daily. So It is important for a person to engage in keeping healthy habits for a better life.

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