Some people think traffic and housing problems in big cities can be solved by moving companies and their employees to the countryside. Do you agree or disagree with this statement ?

With the booming development of some cosmopolitan cities in recent years, it cannot be denied that there is
significant increase in traffic density and housing shortage. In
case, some people suggest that an effective method to tackle these problems is relocating big firms, factories and their employees to the rural areas.
, from my perspective, I suppose
opinion still brings several drawbacks. On the one hand, on no account can people ignore certain results can be achieved since
policy is adopted. The
one is that it would lead to the shift of a considerable population from city to country,
a reduction in private vehicle use and pressure on public transportation is largely within sight.
For example
, peak hour traffic undoubtedly made up largely of
the tangible substance that goes into the makeup of a physical object
going to companies and coming back home would be considerably alleviated.
In addition
would help local residents and governments relieve the persistent burden on accommodation and overpopulation when their citizens would
bring their family members to the countryside due to the relocation of factories they work in.
On the other hand
, a number of disadvantages can
be brought by applying
solution. The decline in living standard would be witnessed as the convenience in many aspects
as entertainment, education and medicine provided in rural areas cannot be better than that in urban areas. Taking hospitals as an instance, modern medical equipment like ultrasound and MRI machines can only be found in
the city
a city
, while always be in the shortage in
the country
. Another drawback is that the firms moved to rural areas would have to arrange everything again which probably take a long time.
As a result
, there would be a disruption in productivity of these companies, along with the negative effects on their financial status. In conclusion, the shift in addresses of large companies or factories can help government ease partly traffic congestion and housing crisis, but to some extent, it
also influence
also influences
has also influenced
negatively on productivity and living standard of workers.
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