Some people say that technologies such as mobile phones are disrupting social interaction. Do you agree or disagree?

The smartphone is the technology that has gained more popularity among every individual. But it is often believed that the cell phones have eliminated the social interaction among the people. It makes the people physically less and digitally more social. I completely agree with the notion and will discuss the reason in the below paragraphs.
To begin
with, the smartphones nowadays are becoming more popular among each and every one. Whether its a younger or elder one, every individual has a mobile phone. Due to which people are becoming less interactive with each other. They often do chats on social media platform like what's app, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat but they do not want to talk to the person sitting
to him.
For instance
, during the past days of the festive season, everyone visited their friends or family house. Now they like to wish them by sending the bulk of messages to each other. So it completely changes the society.
of playing the outdoor games with their friends, children are interested to play the games on smartphones. They take more interest in surfing Netflix and Hotstar for their entertainment. Before the smartphone era, parents and grandparents used to go to temples or other religious places and
do interact with others. Now, they can hear the prayers on cell phones and try to avoid going outside. Like
mobile phone eradicates the social interaction among the individuals. In conclusion, I believe that there are both positive and negative aspects of mobile phones on social interaction.
, it affects our face-to-face contacts, yet its importance in maintaining relationships with family and friends is undeniable. People should use these technologies sensibly as these were invented to make our lives comfortable.
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