Many people think that money is important to achieve happiness. What is the importance of money to happiness? Give reasons for your answer and include examples from your experience.

Some people believe that
is essential to make accomplish contentment. Nowadays,
plays crucial role in people's
. I strongly disagreed that
is necessary to achieve happiness. Poor people who are having healthier, happier than rich people as well as the olden days, even though people do not have
and facilities, they were living more delightful. Poor people are living more than rich people around the world. They would be more healthy and happy in their lives.
, health is an asset of common people
of having more
For example
, if one rich family has huge
money but
Accept comma addition
money, but
their family is having health issues. They will not simile always in their
is one of neediness elements to survive people's
is not valuable to make people's happiness. A few decades ago, ancestor's were surviving their
since the king was ruling the entire kingdom. United family was living in those days and very happy to share their sad and happy with one each other.
For instance
, 10 or more people were living at small home and never bother about
to achieve happiness because
cannot make someone happy. As per sources said that people would be happy when people have fought with problems to overcome hurdles.
can not obtain people's enjoyment. In conclusion, people are healthy and positive minded they would be more energetic and jubilation rather than having
. I personally believe that people are happiest when they do not have mental tensions and health issues. Parents should guide to children to survive their lives to overcome problems or bad situations.
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • facilitation
  • foundational
  • comfort
  • financial stability
  • pursue hobbies
  • passionate
  • fulfilling
  • satisfying
  • financial security
  • peace of mind
  • mental well-being
  • fostering
  • social connections
  • fulfillment
  • material possessions
  • lasting memories
  • satisfaction
  • diminishing returns
  • wealth
  • translate
  • significant
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