Some people say that advertising encourages us to buy things that we really do not need. Others say that advertisements tell us about new products that may improve our lives. Which viewpoint do you agree with?

Advertising has been the chief strategy for national and international companies to propagate their products to the world. While some believe that advertisements lure people to purchase their products which are not necessary, others tend to think that it provides us with new items which enhances our lives. I,
, believe in the former opinion. In
essay, we shall discuss these two thoughts
. In the modern world, the number of companies available are numerous, which are competing among each other leading to saturation of the advertising market.
, it is difficult to search for an item which actually intriguing;
instance, mobile devices are being launched at an unprecedented rate nowadays, and with a myriad of features and components available on a single handset, it survives for more than 10-15 years, more so, any update on the latest devices can be installed in the old smartphone with ease,
eliminating any need to buy a new mobile.
, companies need to increase their revenue each year,
they release products with some new design or technological feature to lure people to buy them even if they serve the same purpose, and eventually, people end up buying these things which are not required.
On the other hand
, some believe that the items advertised are latest and enhances our daily lives.
, some of these items are upgraded and improved;
for example
, artificial intelligence is included in almost every machine,
as lights, fridge, washing machine, television and smartphones, and
has eased up our lives enormously.
, items like these are expensive and not completely reliable.
In addition
, even though science and technology are advancing rapidly, there are many flaws to their inventions. To summarize, there are two sides to a coin;
, the benefits of new products being advertised are many, I believe that advertisement lures people to buy stuff that are unwanted.
, it is always wise to think before you buy,
of buy before you think.
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • encourage
  • persuade
  • manipulative
  • unnecessary
  • excessive
  • artificial needs
  • desires
  • consumers
  • oversaturation
  • impulse buying
  • financial problems
  • inform
  • educate
  • features
  • benefits
  • innovations
  • raise awareness
  • social issues
  • positive behavior
  • enrich
  • well-being
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