Many people believe that sportspeople who break the rules should be forbidden to compete again. To what extend do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience Write at least 250 words.

It is believed that a majority of people are apparently of the opinion that sports persons who do not follow the rules should be banned from their domain games. I
agree that they should be punished and not allowed to compete with the other. I have discussed the following views to justify the essay content. It is certainly true that a breaking rule is
of the most common practices and have been followed since long by the individual sport person.
In other words
things have always influenced a person who plays extremely well, but due to some reasons try to cheat in order to win the game. Many races either a national or an international level the athlete finds to consume the alcohol or other drugs to improve their performance. These things profoundly activate their energy in the competition. A number of persons emphasize that
strategy is called cheating. Anyone who found with
habits should be completely removed from the team and heavily fine and banned for lifetime.
For example
, In
of the countries; some of the cricketers found to take bribe during the international match, the government suspended their licence and dismissed from the team. In contrary, It is undeniable that sport persons are the pride of the country. They are the symbols of harmony and very well connected socially and economically in the development of any nation. Some folks think that
they do some illegal types of activities or deviate from their roles, we should pardon them and give
opportunity rather than hate them. Sometimes sports person feels very sad and eventually commit suicide when people react badly towards them.
, It is vital that they should get
more chance to come back again and prove it. As per a research conducted by university of Japan, more than 70% of sports companies agreed that any player who overrule or break rules; they should give positive punishment.
For instance
, to train the juniors for a long time. In a nutshell, It is evident from the above discussion that any sport persons if they find in any violences; an action should be taken whether to ban or stop him to play again or as per fine as per the law.
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