Some people think that libraries are a waste of resources and money so computers should replace them.however others do not agree .Discuss both sides and give your opinion

era of 21st century, technology is replacing traditional methods of finding
. There are people, who believe that funding should not be spent on libraries as it is an absolute way of gathering knowledge, whereas, some set of individuals does not have
point of view. In my opinion, both of these methods are essential and we will discuss
in the essay.
To begin
with, computers are the modern process of researching data and many people find it very much user friendly. The reason for
that is
, the computer is the most flexible mean to find the knowledge as people are not restricted to a particular place, as in
we have the freedom to be in our comfort and we can find any data on a particular subject at a rapid speed, just in minutes.
For instance
, with the help of the laptop and the internet, we can find material about anything or any topic.
, resources and funds should not be wasted on the
and invested in computers as they are mobile and the fastest way to find
On the other hand
the library
has played an essential role in the development and research in many areas in the past and still, they are very much vital for the finding data on different topics. One of the most advantageous thing about the
is that, the
we get is authentic and the fake data is not provided here.
For example
, on the internet, we cannot trust on all the data which we get from it, as many websites provide fake data to increase their views on the website, but
that is
not a possibility in the case of libraries.
, we cannot afford to discard the libraries and only invest in the computers. To conclude, it is true that, new age technology of computers is very much efficient and finds
at a rapid pace, but we have kept in mind the authenticity of
data and that can be checked only through traditional resources of
and stored articles.
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • repository
  • cultural hub
  • community engagement
  • digital divide
  • inequality
  • sustainable
  • affordability
  • technological advancement
  • information retrieval
  • hybrid resources
  • social interaction
  • evolution of libraries
  • complementary
  • access to information
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