Please write a letter to your friend about missing the date with him on a day because you have planned. Tell him how you tried to contact him, but it did not work out either. In your letter, you should tell: what the reason is how you tried to contact him give an alternative plan to meet him sometime.

Dear Aatif, I hope
letter finds you well. I want you to know that I am extremely sorry for not being able to meet you
I tried to contact you that day
Remove the conjunction
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I could not reach you. Let me explain the situation, earlier that day my brother had an accident. I was getting ready to meet you, and suddenly I got
call from an unknown number informing me about the accident and I had to rush to the site. Fortunately, there was nothing major just some minor bruises, but the doctor had advised him to bed rest for at least a month. While I was at the hospital, there was hardly any network over there, and so I could not reach out to you. After that, I had all these chores and bills that had to be paid so I was completely occupied with that. Anyways, I apologize for the inconvenience caused, but I hope you understand. Since everything is all right now, maybe we should plan another
Change the form of the verb
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. I am available anytime
, if you have some other plans we shall work out for some other day. Let me know when you shall be free. Talk to you soon. Take care. Best regards, Shakib
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