Write an essay about 250 words regarding the topic: The best way to solve the world's environmental problems is to increase the cost of fuel. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Overpopulation has caused numerous problems to human world
as extreme fatigue, lack of accommodation and deficiency in educational quality. In fact, these scenarios can still be prevented with proper campaigns and governmental regulations.
, the issue with Earth’s natural resources evoked by the aforementioned factor is more significant and hardly has a
to reverse the state of affair.
, the leaders of different countries have ran several policies to hinder the progress of resources exhaustion, in which the increase of prices in raw material seems to be the most effective. In my opinion, I totally agree with
method and demonstrate why would
is the only way to environmental crisis.
To begin
with, there is a covey of people who are readily discontent towards the government environmental regulations. These people have a great disbelief about the current situation in which they refuse to believe and be conservative about their usage of traditional energy.
, the best way to prevent
exhaustion is overpricing common fuels, which
group is consuming.
method will encourage households to use other alternatives as it can support their finance.
For instance
, several families in the UK have already opted for a long term
solution namely
Accept comma addition
solution, namely
solar panel because which method helps them not to pay the monthly electricity bills. If the citizen still prefer using the overpriced
, the government can exploit the increased tax for other services and categories. They can allocate more funds for environmental campaigns or provide more aids for education to raise people’s awareness about energy deplete.
, the authorities are capable of providing more renewable means of energy that hinder the progress of global
For example
, Singapore, a small country in South Asia, has built more windmills and solar panel factories ever since they apply
policy towards conventional power supplies.
As a result
country has made its way becoming one of the cleanest and safest place to live in terms of pollution level. In general, increasing the taxes of
not only helps solving the problem with natural
economical crisis. Being adherence towards the government regulations is the only
, if not, the rise in
cost would still be the best policy to the same problem.
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