Many people believe that we should protect all wild animals while others believe we should just protect some of them. Discuss both views and give opinion.

A lot of people opined that we must save all wild creatures, whereas others agree we must only preserve a few of them. All species are important to living in nature.
, our governments must concentrate on some animals which are disappearing in the forests. In
essay, I will state my views in both ways. On the one hand, the forest department should care for all types of animals because it is a responsibility for the
who is supporting to survive in its life.
, the
should allocate funds to maintain all species of animals in the forest.
For example
, the
is managing all animals in the zoo as peoples' interest to visit those places which are spent on people's free time, people
should know the history of each animal.
, It is essential to protect all wild animals in the environment.
On the other hand
, the ministry of the country ought to focus on wild creatures that are vanishing in the circumstances.
is a very prominent role in the authority of every country because we cannot regenerate that animal in the world.
In addition
, the
should make a department and analyse each and every animal in the world.
For Instance
, Dinosaurs had been disappearing in nature. So, nowadays, we are only seeing skeletons in museums.
, public sector authorities play a vital role to conserve wild animals. In conclusion, there is no rule to support a few animals in nature and the
must secure all types of animals to survive its lives.
, the
can put more efforts into some animals
as elephants, tigers which are more essential for the respective country. The
should provide guidelines for people who do not harm any animals in the society.
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • biodiversity
  • ecosystem
  • conservation status
  • ecological significance
  • holistic approach
  • endangered species
  • natural heritage
  • unforeseen negative impacts
  • economically non-viable
  • prioritization
  • ecosystem balance
  • conservation efforts
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