In some cities, there are few controls over the design and construction of new homes and office buildings, so people can build in whatever style they like. Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

A particular issue about design and construction has been drawing attention at home and abroad: whether designers are permitted to build all kinds of styles of buildings that they are fond of.
not everyone carries a positive view of
trend, the benefits will largely counteract the disadvantages if any. On one hand, There are drawbacks that we should be aware of. It may possess the risk for buildings to not have sufficient security. Emphasizing too much attention on the aesthetic appearance can lead to the neglect of engineering mechanics or local topography which could pose a treat to citizens' safety.
For instance
, countries located in an earthquake zone should impose more on safety when constructing buildings. As long as the earthquake occurs, there might be a catastrophe if not having any precautions.
, constructing buildings in whatever style may contain the problem of not blending with the local environment. It is widely criticized buildings that show up so abruptly may give rise to the ignorance of the local beauty that inherent in the core of the society and cause repercussions to aboriginals as well.
On the other hand
, having a distinctive building may be served as a magnificent landmark if it is well designed. It helps society to set-up a more aesthetic appearance and
contains a profound impact on local tourism.
For example
, local governments may give hands to companies to construct landmarks to seduce tourists for having a glance at their cities, which can
facilitate their fiscal system. Another inherent merit is that a well-constructed skyscraper
as green-buildings, which can transfer cities into a more eco-friendly environment as well as using less space to provide fauna and flora a wide spectrum of habitats, which can introduce residents to dwell in spaces with an abundance of greenery. To conclude,
offering people the opportunity to build and design in what kind of style they like is negatively portrayed by
someone who habitually doubts accepted beliefs
, the benefits inherent in
policy outweigh the potential problems ranging from giving cities a more aesthetic appearance and a more eco-friendly lifestyle.
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