Some people think that young people in the past were more polite comparing to young people nowadays, while others disagree. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

In today's world technology and developments always make people busy and hurry.
makes some people think that younger age group people are impolite, whereas others are of the belief that these people are kind and well mannered.
To begin
with, in earlier days people used to live in joint family.
Therefore all
Accept comma addition
Therefore, all
the members share their work, money and their possessions.
living environment made them to understand each others, behave respectful with others.
For instance
, It is a general talk from elderly people that they always obey and respect their teacher and never used to raise their voice or argue against them.
, these generation youngs are always rude with elders and never heed to their advices.
, today's generation youngsters are well educated and they have help tendency. It is always said that "Don't judge a book by its cover".
, even these young people are looking impolite and unkind, they have help tendency and responsibilities towards society.
For instance
, In 2017, there was an unprecedented situation happened in Chennai, that the entire city was flooded and thousand of people were struck up in their homes with no food and water. During
critical condition a plethora of youngsters came forward to help and saved many lives. To sum up, as the world is changing everyday, there is always a generation gap between youngsters and elderly people.
difference makes some people feel that the young people are behaving rude and unkind.
, I personally deny that these days youngsters are unkind and not polite to others.
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